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Photo:  Standing at the zero meridian in Greenwich, England--San Francisco Astrologer and Life Coach Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC
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About Nicki Michaels

"Last September you gave me an astrology reading. We talked a lot about changing my profession. Well, here it is 9 months later, and I'm getting ready to go to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. I have always had a strong interest in health and healing and this seems to bring all my previous experience into focus. Your reading was significant in helping me make the change! Thank you!"
Stella Park
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"...I want to add how truly powerful, spiritually stimulating, and to-the-mark your consultation was, and still is. Ever since, I've experienced more energy, and extraordinary events with other people, and a more open, expressive, and meaningful meeting with J. Nicki, I cannot praise your work enough. And I even feel that I have been magically 'touched by an angel!"
Yvonne Upton
San Francisco, CA

"The time since your reading has been quite eventful...The shift was long in coming, but it took your wise and kind words to spur the change forward, and I thank you daily for that."
San Francisco, CA

"Everything you said--it's all come true! I continue to be amazed when I reflect on that first reading you did: that I would not recognize myself on the other side of this major life transition. You are amazing! You saw the whole picture in my stars!"
Nicasio, CA

"So nice having your tape...your voice is so upbeat and the input was so good and clear. It was just a delight and very helpful."
Santa Clara, CA

"I took the tape of our meeting to bed with me and I listened to the whole thing. I was amazed! Things happened very close to the time frame that you thought. Even the words you used are the very ones I've been using to explain what's happening with me! You did some great coaching during the session, very graceful and a natural part of what you do."
Novato, CA


About Astrologer & Life Coach
Nicki Michaels  PCC, CPCC

Professional Certified Coach
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

San Francisco, CA



Empowering people in transition to make choices that really work

I am both an astrological consultant and a certified life coach, serving as a Personal Change Consultant for all of my clients. I have worked with over 2000 clients worldwide, since beginning my career as Senior Staff Astrologer for Astro-Phone, the first national astrological consultation service in 1974. From the start of my career, I have worked mainly with women in the midst of major life transitions, all facing a wide range of personal, professional, and spiritual challenges. My goal as a Personal Change Consultant is to help clients understand the timing and nature of change in their lives so that they can make the best decisions possible.

For six years I taught undergraduate courses on the spiritual nature of personal and social change as a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Antioch University West, choosing an astrology book by Dane Rudhyar as a text for each course. I have lectured at national conferences* about personal and spiritual development and life transitions and I have completed over 400 client relocation analyses as Staff Astrologer for Astro*Carto*Graphy, an astrological relocation system.

Inspired and encouraged by my mentor Dane Rudhyar, I opened Urania Astro-Lab & Book Works in 1977, an astrology center which disseminated Rudhyar's astrology, philosophy and art. Dane Rudhyar was my mentor, teacher and friend from the mid 1970's until his death in 1985. In 1981, under his guidance, the Rudhyar Institute for Transpersonal Activity (RITA) was started, and I was RITA's Conference Co-Ordinator for two conferences, in 1983 and 1985. You can now hear a number of Rudhyar's presentations at the Rudhyar Audio Archives, and you can also read my article on Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Cycles.

As an astrological consultant, I translate the ancient symbols of astrology into plain English, helping my clients understand the current events of their lives with added depth and meaning. Should my clients wish, I can continue to work with them in an ongoing way to implement the changes they seek, with weekly appointments as their Life Coach. I currently maintain an active practice in San Francisco, CA working with clients worldwide, both in person and by phone. Read the archives of my popular column, Ask Astro-Coach, originally published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.


My Astrology Training

  • BA, Astro-Psychology, Antioch University, 1976
  • Certified Astro*Carto*Graphy Consultant (Certificate #2), 1981
  • Diploma, Classical Studies in Horary Course, 2000

My Coach Training

I am proud to be a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), trained by The Coaches Training Institute, a highly regarded coach training school. This certification program is accredited by The International Coach Federation, of which I am a member.
» Read more about why hiring a trained coach is important, and about my professional coach training.

My Community Service

  • 2008 Board Member and Web Liaison for the San Francisco chapter of the International Coach Federation
  • Volunteer Coach for C.E.O. Women, an organization whose mission is to create economic opportunity for Bay Area low-income immigrant and refugee women through teaching entrepreneurship, English and communications skills, so they can establish successful livelihoods.
  • Professional Empowerment Program Mentor, National Council for Geocosmic Research - Current
  • Conference Coordinator for Rudhyar Institute for Transpersonal Activity (3 years)
  • Board member (4 years) and Board Chair (1 year) of Resourceful Women, an organization that educated women about consciously investing, donating and spending their money.
  • Community Boards Mediator, helping San Franciscans solve neighborhood conflicts (5 years)
  • San Francisco Magazine for the blind, San Francisco Public Library Reader (3 years)
  • Current member of the San Francisco Fire Department's citywide Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (10 years)


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