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About Nicki Michaels

"Thank you so much. That session was absolutely a breakthrough! You do amazing things and I feel very blessed that you came into my life. And obviously there are so many other women that you have helped, so keep working sister! It's amazing!"
Holly Payne
Mill Valley, CA

"The best part of coaching with you is your unfaltering ability to know what takes precedence in our work. The grand prize of a new home was a bit of a curve ball, or so it seemed on the surface. Nicki, you were so great in keeping this vision awake and alive...It was so helpful that you were able to...encourage, inspire, champion—like you got it all along—that this is a huge accomplishment for me. Mostly, it is your high voltage vibrancy, your complete availability to the moment, always appropriate and within context, that made our brief coaching so wonderful."
Martha Bennett
Tucson, AZ

"Thank you for everything you have done for me. I can see and feel a lot of progress—and I believe I can credit you for helping me get here. I know my journey is not over, as a matter of fact, in many ways it is just beginning. You have given me many tools and encouragement to get over this 'hump' I have been on for a long time."

Tucson, AZ


The Powerful Synergy between
Coaching & Astrology
Makes Effective Change Possible

Your Adventure Begins...
  • with 60 or 90 minute Astrological Consultation
  • followed by your 2 hour Discovery & Design Coaching session
  • Next are your weekly 30 minute or 1 hour Life Coaching sessions (4 phone sessions per month).

Some Coaching and all Astrology sessions can take place either by phone or in my San Francisco office. My clients live and work all over the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East.

Your Astrological Consultation
Our coaching relationship begins with an astrological consultation highlighting the current events of your life. You'll get insights on the timing, meaning, and context of whatever is up for you, such as career, relationship and family matters, life transitions, or spiritual issues.

Astrology reveals the best way to use what you have to get what you want, as well as the most appropriate timing to achieve results. By moving with the tides of life rather than against them, you can make the most of every situation. If you're new to astrology, no astro-jargon spoken here—just plain English. If you are fluent in the language of astrology, the consultation will be geared to your level of astrological expertise.

Important issues unearthed in this session can be brought into your initial coaching session where we will explore what changes you want, and how you can create a fulfilled life.

Coaching is a vibrant and dynamic process that creates change.
Important issues unearthed in your astrology consultation will help you identify the initial focus for our coaching work. In preparation for our first coaching session, you'll fill out a questionnaire designed to help you open yourself to all possibilities, avoiding self-limiting assumptions.

After your astrology consultation, the 2 hour Discovery & Design session is meant to jump-start your coaching. We custom design the coaching relationship to suit your needs and goals. Your coaching program is as unique as you are—this is not cookie cutter coaching!

This session is followed by 4 weekly half-hour or 1 hour coaching calls each month. If you're ready to create the life you want, then this Astrology/Coaching combo may be perfect for you. If you're specifically interested in figuring out the best career for you, then check out my Career Coaching Program.

What do you want to create more of in your life?